Amy Gear Art Sale

I co-direct and teach at Gaada and being a startup non-profit is TOUGH! Since we began Gaada last May much of our overheads + running costs have been paid for out of our own private income as artists (workshops, artist fees, artwork sales etc). Currently, we are preparing an ambitious new programme of community projects which we are SO excited about! But it takes a lot of work, and time, so in order to keep things going in the short-term we need to raise some funds!

My aim is to raise £1000 in 10 days to cover some running costs. Anything raised beyond the £1000 will go towards future projects, help us apply for future funding and secure community workshops in our beautiful former chapel.  I also wanted to use this opportunity to open up my work to those who maybe can’t afford it when it is six times this price. Art is for everyone! 

Gaada is a not-for-profit, Community Interest Company that facilitates creative projects in Shetland. Our upcoming programme focuses on promoting equality and developing platforms for marginalised groups in the isles. Since we started in May 2018, we have worked with a diverse range of groups including: Disability Shetland, Autism Friendly Shetland, Befriending Schemes, Bridges Project, Grays School of Art, gender equality groups, local artists, and individuals with complex needs. We believe that everyone deserves to have their voice heard and has the potential to make powerful art. We also just want Shetland to have some of the making-facilities that cities have, and for this ‘extreme remote rural’ babe of a place to thrive! When I moved home, there were zero public-access printmaking facilities, now Gaada runs Risograph and Screenprint workshops, and with each project we add to our equipment in the hopes of growing Shetland’s art scene. 

SO now is your chance to grab an ORIGINAL work and help raise funds to keep our island community studio going!

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