As a studio Gaada collaborate with artists from all backgrounds. In this project we partnered with Disability Shetland and developed a new portable workshop that we introduced to Forward Directions – a new social peer group for young people with additional support needs.

We created a 12 week programme of workshops that focused on developing positive self-image and confidence through the powers of screen printing! The participants worked with our printmaking specialists to create exciting visuals based on their personal superpowers.


screenprint show

Our 12 week collaboration with Forward Directions culminated in the takeover of vacant shop windows on Lerwick’s high street where the final works were exhibited in the aptly named ‘Screenprint Show’. This was a great opportunity for these artists to proudly and publicly display their work during the busy pre-Christmas shopping period.


We are currently developing a longterm collaborative platform for residents of Shetland with disabilities or lived experience of mental ill-health to express themselves and achieve their artistic potential.

If you think your organisation might be able to help us achieve this, please get in touch


This project was made possible by Youthlink Scotland and Cashback for Creativity